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Are Basic Reading and Proficient Math only included in the more Deluxe Upgrade?

Here's how to think of it. CCSS measures were part of the Deluxe upgrade. Anything formerly known as CCSS has 
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January 14th, 2022 ... [ , , ]

What standards do the easyCBM mathematics assessments cover?

The easyCBM math assessments available on the District and Teacher Deluxe accounts are written to align with two different sets 
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May 29th, 2019 ... [ , , ]

Do you have any documentation aligning the easyCBM assessments to my State Standards?

You can access the state-by-state alignment study results at:

November 5th, 2018 ... [ , ]

Is there a shorter version of the reading comprehension test?

The Deluxe and District Editions include a second type of reading comprehension measure: Basic Reading. The Basic Reading passages are quite 
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March 1st, 2018 ... [ , , , ]

Why aren’t the Basic Reading measures included in the Benchmark Reports?

The Basic Reading measures are not included in the Benchmark Reports because they were developed to fill a need for 
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September 26th, 2017 ... [ , , , ]

Why are there no K-2 grade level benchmarks/progress monitoring probes for the Basic Reading assessments?

The Basic Reading assessments, shorter comprehension passages with associated questions for students, are indeed available for Grades 3-8 only. This 
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May 5th, 2017 ... [ , , , , ]

Reading Measures and Standards Alignment

The Basic Reading measures are comprehension assessments utilizing a variety of text (informational text, literary text, and read to perform 
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February 8th, 2017 ... [ , , ]

Do you have raw scores by individual CCSS standard or domain as sub-scores?

We do not give raw scores by individual CCSS standard or domain as sub-scores of this type would be based 
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February 1st, 2017 ... [ , ]

What is the difference between the Basic and Proficient Reading Comprehension assessments?

The Proficient Reading (PRdg) assessment is recommended for students performing closer to grade level expectations (e.g., 30th to 49th percentile 
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September 22nd, 2016 ... [ , ]

Basic Math vs. Proficient Math Tests

The easyCBM math tests are all standards-based rather than computational/application based. They were all created to address widely-adopted content state 
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January 7th, 2016 ... [ , , , ]