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Does easyCBM math cover all Common Core strands, including fractions, geometry, and measurement?

Items on Grade K-8 CCSS Math are written to address all domains and each cluster…and in Grades 3-5, to align 
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May 29th, 2019 ... [ , , ]

Do you have any documentation aligning the easyCBM assessments to my State Standards?

In general, the easyCBM program is aligned to established national and common core state standards. Because individual states vary so 
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November 5th, 2018 ... [ , ]

TEKS and easyCBM Alignment

In 2012 - 2013, we conducted an alignment study of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the easyCBM benchmarks 
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September 18th, 2018 ... [ ]

Is the Lite version aligned to Common Core English Language Arts and Mathematics?

The easyCBM English Language Arts measures are based on the National Reading Panel’s Big Five areas of reading. The Lite 
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February 20th, 2018 ... [ , , , , ]