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Account Information

Can I purchase a Teacher Deluxe account with a purchase order?

The easyCBM Teacher Deluxe is not accepting Purchase Orders at this time. Payment can be made by credit card or 
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December 15th, 2015 ... [ , , ]

Enabling Measures and Features (Teacher Deluxe Users)

The ability to enable and disable measures and features is determined by a setting in your account. To access this 
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December 11th, 2015 ... [ , , ]

Upgrading to or Purchasing a Teacher Deluxe Account

If you are new to the easyCBM system and want to purchase a Teacher Deluxe account, you will first need 
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December 8th, 2015 ... [ , , ]

Student Login

Students login to access their assigned assessments at: your username. This specific link is also located in your account 
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December 3rd, 2015 ... [ , , ]

Adding Students to Your Account

After you have established your easyCBM account, it’s time to add your students. After logging into your account, click on 
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December 3rd, 2015 ... [ , ]

Troubleshooting: Why can’t I add a student to my account?

To add a student to an account, go to the "Students" tab and click on the green + plus sign 
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September 23rd, 2015 ... [ , , , ]

Forgotten username and/or password

If you’ve already created an account, but can’t remember your username or password, click on the "Forgot Username” or “Forgot 
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September 23rd, 2015 ... [ , ]

Creating and Registering for an easyCBM Account

Whether you are choosing the Lite or Teacher Deluxe version of easyCBM, the first step is to create your own 
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August 24th, 2015 ... [ , , ]