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Starting a New School Year (Returning Account Holders)

At the beginning of each school year, returning account holders need to advance students from last year’s grade to their new grade in school. Because students are still listed as their previous grade in school, the tests they took last year, in that grade, have already been taken. The program will not let a student take a test twice so in essence, it will not assign benchmark tests nor let you assign progress monitoring measures. One you advance your students to their new grade in school, the tests will become available.

In the Deluxe version, there is a feature that will assist you in uploading a student roster rather than enter each student individually into the system. At the beginning of the school year, you can also use this feature to adjust your student’s grade in school by advancing them in your roster before uploading them into the system.To access this feature, login to your account and click on the Admin tab and scroll down the page to the Student Records section. If you click on the upload student roster link, you will be directed to a page with instructions for preparing and uploading a student roster into your account.

For Lite users, you must manually advance your students to the next grade.  It may also mean you need to adjust students within their existing groups. This is not something the program will do automatically.

To edit student information, login to your account and click on the “Student” tab. In the Students column, to the right of the student’s name, is a blue edit button. Click on this button and a pop-up window will display the student’s information.  Here you can edit the student grade and advance it to the next grade. After you make changes, be sure to click on the “Update” button in order for the changes to take effect.

You may also need to re-assign students to groups if they have changed from last year. Groups can also be edited under the Student’s tab. To determine which students are assigned in a group, click on the group name. The students that are active in that group will appear in the right-hand column under students. Students who belong to a group will have a check in the box next to their name.

At the beginning of a new school year it may be helpful to first click on each group name, then uncheck each box next to a student’s name. If you deselect each student in a group, this will clear the student-group connection from the previous year. Now you are ready to re-assign students to this year’s groups.

To assign students to groups, select the group you would like in the “Groups” box. Then in the “Students” box click on the small box to the left of the student’s name (this adds a √ check mark and assigns students to that group). Once students are assigned to a group, when you click on the group name, only the students in that group will be highlighted.

To assist with roster uploads (Deluxe accounts only) please refer to the attached document, Getting Started with your easyCBM Account (page 6). This document can be found within  easyCBM accounts under the Resource tab. Once students are advanced a grade and their groups adjusted to reflect this change, they should be good to go for testing.

Last Updated: September 14th, 2020
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