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About easyCBM Deluxe Accounts

The Teacher Deluxe Edition includes additional test forms of the measures current Lite Edition users are used to plus it gives users access to ALL measures which were previously only available to District users (including Benchmark, Common Core aligned measures, and more forms for Progress Monitoring).

It adds measures of vocabulary, shorter comprehension measures that include informational text and “read to perform a task” prompts, in addition to short literary text, all-new mathematics measures written to align to the Common Core State Standards, in addition the NCTM Focal Point-based math measures, and Spanish language support for all math items (in both written and read-aloud formats) and literacy for grades K-8. Teacher Deluxe includes our template-based interventions log, additional reports, and student retention feature. Teacher Deluxe is intended for individual teacher use, not district-wide implementation. Its use is limited to one teacher per school (maximum 200 students).

The Teacher Deluxe is intended for individual teacher use and is ideal for situations where a single teacher may be needing an assessment system.  We limit use of the Teacher Deluxe Edition to a single teacher per building — any more than that needs to use the District version.

For a situation where there is more than one teacher in a district using easyCBM, the more appropriate system to use is the District version. This allows a single point of contact for all billing / tech support needs, and is designed to enable different ‘levels’ of access to the data. District users can easily see all the data in the system, and are able to set the benchmark windows and percentile rank targets (for risk ratings). The District as a whole can view results summarized by school or classroom, as well as dig into the individual student results. Building level users (such as building principals and school psychologists) can view results compiled by grade level and broken down by classroom, etc. For teacher users, the system works the same as the Deluxe version, with one important exception — the District version enables multiple ‘teacher users’ to share students, such as might be needed when a student receives services from a general education teacher as well as a special education teacher or interventionist.

To sign up for a District account, you will work with our partners at Riverside Insights. Please visit Riverside Insights for more information.

Last Updated: August 7th, 2017
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