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Why are the percentile lines not showing?

There is nothing wrong with your account or setting, the percentile lines are set to appear on September 1st.  They do not show during what is considered the summer break as we have no data to support those scores, just those for the academic school year.

The percentile lines coincide with the testing season for our fall, winter, and spring assessment periods. Since we have no testing data for the summer, no lines will appear through any of those dates. The percentile lines appear on the reports that are taken on or after September 1st. They will not appear for dates taken from the end of June through August 31st. Those tests taken during the summer months fall outside the range of when our benchmarks are given.

Once you give a test, after September 1st, you will see the percentiles lines appearing on the graphs. To figure the percentiles for assessments outside of that time you will have to extrapolate the lines from where June ends and September starts.

Last Updated: December 3rd, 2015
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