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Parent Reports and Benchmark Data

Benchmark Data can be found in two places under the Reports tab.

The first place to find a student’s benchmark data is in the Parent Report. If you login to your account and click on the Reports tab and then select the Individual’s tab, you will see a list of student names. If you choose a student name and then look to the far right column, you will see the Parent Report. If you click on this link, the Parent Report will be downloaded to your desktop.

The second place to find student benchmark data is also found under the Reports tab and then selecting the Individual’s tab. Choose a student’s name and instead of clicking on the Parent Report, double click on the students name and it will take you to the student’s Individual Reports. In this section, you can click on both the Benchmark Performance and Benchmark History links to obtain a student’s benchmark information. If you choose Individual Graphs, all student scores, including benchmark scores, will be visible and available for printing.

The Parent Report covers the results of a current academic school year’s worth of benchmark testing. It is found in the Deluxe version and is intended to show ‘current year’ data. The system gets reset each summer and does not pull data after an academic year has ended. The data, though, still exists (and can be printed for parents) through the Individual Report feature (Reports –> Individual –>, then click on a student’s name and select –> Benchmark History).







We are currently working on making a more robust form of the Parent Report with customizing features. For the time being you can print the Individual Student reports from the Reports tab under Individuals.

At the moment, if you print the Individual Reports page itself, you’ll have all measures (PM and BM). If you print the Benchmark Performance or Benchmark History, you’ll get printable reports featuring just the BM measure.

To print a student report please go to the Reports section. On the “Reports” tab you will see a printer icon toward the top of the page to the left of the scoring guidelines pdf download (located in the dark gray box). If you click on which report you would like to print so it is visible on the reports page, then click on the print icon, you will be able to print that report. For example, if you would like to print an individual student report, first click on the “Individuals” tab. Next click on the student for which you would like to view their report. Then when this report is visible on the reports screen, click on the print icon above. Individual student reports can be generated for all students on the your roster. The individual student reports are presented as line graphs and track the student’s scores over time.

Last Updated: December 3rd, 2019
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