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Number of easyCBM Measures

All the measures published on easyCBM have gone through rigorous scientific vetting to ensure they meet  high standards of technical adequacy. Before a test form is added to the easyCBM system, it goes through content review (to evaluate grade-level appropriateness, alignment to standards, and the absence of bias). It is then field-tested with grade-level students, and the results analyzed to ensure comparability of forms within a given grade level as well as to document reliability and validity evidence.

As a result, about a quarter of the measures field tested actually end up being added to the easyCBM system. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that there are different numbers of forms available at the different grade levels.

Such is the case with the middle school MCRC measures. Currently, Grade 6 has fewer MCRC measures available than other grades. This variation in number of measures available has caused some confusion in the field.

Thus, over the summer of 2019, we will be be leveling the number of easyCBM Teacher Deluxe and District MCRC measures available in Grades 6-8 (bringing the total number available at each grade to 13 — 3 benchmark, and 10 progress monitoring). At the same time, we’ll be adding Grade 9 MCRC Benchmark Assessments (Fall, Winter, and Spring) in response to numerous requests for reading comprehension screeners for 9th grade.

Last Updated: April 16th, 2019
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