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Selecting and Customizing Interventions

Because available interventions vary so much from one context to another, and in recognition of the need for educators to be able to personalize the interventions they are providing to their students, the easyCBM system does not tell teachers what interventions to use with their students.

A school district/student study team would be able to better determine what makes the most sense/be a reasonable goal for a given student, given his/her starting point as well as prior history of learning growth/amount of intervention being provided, etc.

Instead, the system provides users with a list of evidence-based interventions (including both curriculum and strategies) from which to choose, as well as the opportunity to add customized interventions, through an Intervention Template. This Intervention Template makes it easy for teachers to log the different interventions they are implementing in their classrooms, providing a detailed historical log of the approaches they have tried in order to meet their students’ instructional needs.

Last Updated: January 7th, 2016
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