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About Online Timed Tests

The timed tests, like phoneme segmenting, letter names, letter sounds, word reading fluency, and passage reading fluency are tests that are administered by the teacher for one minute. Both the assessor and student have a hard copy of the assessment whereby the assessor times and records the student’s responses for 1 minute. Your easyCBM account provides videos to help to you navigate and learn the easyCBM system like administering the timed tests.

To access these videos, first login to your account and then click on the resources tab in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard screen. A pop-up window will display the “Resources” page. If you click on the Video Tutorials, then the “How to use EasyCBM” link, a selection of information videos will be available for selection.

Once you get a feel for the timed tests, here is how you access the scoring materials.

Progress Monitoring Timed Tests

1.) To administer a timed progress monitoring measure online, first login to your account and go to the Measures tab.2.) Next select a grade, then a measure by clicking on the Enter Scores option next to the name of the measure being timed. To the left of entering the scores you will find the downloadable Student and Assessor copies. These are score sheets to help administer and record the timed student responses.

3.) Now select a group name. You will be redirected to a page with a student score sheet.

4.) On this page is also a date box, which defaults to the current date, and a box, which can be checked to Show Stopwatches. When the stopwatch box is checked, this enables online timed scoring.

5.) To score a student’s response, select a student name, begin the stopwatch, then mark the incorrect responses and the place where the student finished at the end of one minute. If you have manually timed the student responses, you can bypass the stopwatch feature and just enter the student responses.

Benchmark Timed Tests

1.) To administer a timed benchmark measure, first check and/or adjust the date range setting. If the window is not current or is overlapping in dates with the other benchmark windows, you will not be able to record or administer the student responses.

2.) To manually enter student scores, click on the Measures tab then click on the Benchmark tab. In the middle of the page are three icons: a Red Leaf (Enter Fall Scores), a Blue Snowflake (Enter Winter Scores), and a Green Flower (Enter Spring Scores). Click on the icon that matches your benchmark testing.

3.) A new page will open titled: Benchmark Data Entry. Click on the name of the season, grade of the scores you want to enter, and Total Score or Item Level Data.

4.) Scroll down the page and enter the score totals into the column. The default that you see is just for total scores. If you want to enter item by item responses, look up from the student names to the left and click on “Item Level Data” for that score sheet to appear. Here you will find the stopwatch feature and a place to time and enter student responses. Make sure to click on the Save Scores button below or the scores or student responses will not be saved.

Last Updated: September 10th, 2018
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