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How do I retain a student so they can retake a previous measure?

The ‘Retain Student’ feature is intended to be used at the end of a school year when a student is being ‘held back’ for another year rather than progressing to the next grade level.

Retaining a student will archive all test submissions for their current grade level, effectively allowing that student to be reassessed with those same-grade benchmark and progress monitoring measures. Archived test submissions will appear on their individual report, benchmark history, and on their student record. If a student is to be properly retained multiple times, this action must be performed each year they are retained (regardless of grade or current retention status).

To retain a student so they can retake measures, login to your account and locate the student’s name in the “Students” column. To the right of their name is a blue magnifying glass icon. Click on the icon and a summary list of assessments for that student will appear in a drop down window. Scroll down the summary list to the bottom and you will find the box called Retentions. Click on the Retain Student button to activate this feature.

Last Updated: December 19th, 2017
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