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How do I print reports?

On the “Reports” tab you will see a printer icon toward the top of the page to the left of the scoring guidelines pdf download (located in the dark gray box). If you click on which report you would like to print so it is visible on the reports page, then click on the print icon, you will be able to print that report.

For example, if you would like to print an individual student report, first click on the “Individuals” tab. Next click on the student for which you would like to view their report. Then when this report is visible on the reports screen, click on the print icon above. Individual student reports can be generated for all students on the your roster. The individual student reports are presented as line graphs and track the student’s scores over time. Individual reports can be customized by including information regarding the type of intervention support being provided and learning goal that has been set for the student. This information is helpful when sharing data regarding a student’s response to intervention at parent conferences and IEP reviews.

To access the individual reports, click on the Individuals link on the Reports tab. A table listing Students, Tests Completed, and Goals is generated. When clicking on a specific student’s name, an individual report is produced. In the event that the student is progress monitored over more than one school year, you may select which data (e.g., last year, this year, or all data) are displayed in the graph. If the student has completed multiple measures, you may also select which progress monitoring information will be displayed.

Last Updated: December 3rd, 2015
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