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How do I export student data for analysis?

To export data, login to your account, go to the “Reports” section. There is an option under the “Groups” and “Individuals” tab to export all of your test scores into a CSV file (this option also exists for Benchmarks tests). Select the “All Students” then select the “Export CSV” option. A CSV formatted Excel file will appear on your desktop. A .csv format (Excel), means a document has no formatting associated with it.

Now, in the Excel file, go under File (in Excel) and select “Save As” and save a copy of the document in the regular xls format. Here you will be able to add formulas and manipulate the student data.

With this document format, you can calculate things like average scores for your class, and compare those to the score associated with the 50th percentile (‘on-grade performance’). If you are unsure how to calculate these or which formulas to use in Excel, please do a Google search for instructions.


Last Updated: May 30th, 2019
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