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How do I enter student tests manually?

Progress Monitoring Assessments

To manually enter student scores, go to the “Measures” tab and click on the grade of the test you want to enter (the numbered box located just to the right of the header “Grade”).

Now scroll down the page until you locate the name of the assessment you wish to administer. On the right-hand side you will see a “Enter Scores” link. A pop-up window will appear. Select the group name, then a scoresheet will appear. Fill in the student responses or scores. Make sure to select the Save button when you are finished entering the scores. The program will score the responses and then the results will be graphed in the Reports section.

Benchmark Tests

Before you can enter scores, please make sure your benchmark testing window is open. If the window is closed, you will not be able to enter your scores into the system. To manually enter student scores, click on the Measures tab then click on the Benchmark tab. In the middle of the page are three icons: a Red Leaf (Enter Fall Scores), a Blue Snowflake (Enter Winter Scores), and a Green Flower (Enter Spring Scores). Click on the icon that matches your benchmark testing. A new page will open titled: Benchmark Data Entry. Click on the name of the season, grade of the scores you want to enter, and Total Score or Item Level Data. Scroll down the page and enter the score totals into the column. The default that you see is just for total scores. If you want to enter item by item responses, look up from the student names to the left and click on “Item Level Data” for that score sheet to appear.Make sure to click on the Save Scores button below or the scores or student responses will not be saved.


Last Updated: September 12th, 2019
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