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How do I change the date a progress monitoring measure was taken?

When you manually enter student responses into the system, the program automatically defaults to the current date unless you enter a different date at the time you are entering scores. If you are entering a student measure that was taken at a different time, first adjust/enter the date the measure was taken, then enter the student scores. Once the students scores are entered and saved, the date the test was taken cannot be altered.

For instance, say your class has taken a test today and you enter all of their responses into the system. You notice one student’s assessment scores were not added at the time the other scores were and it is now two days later. First, go to the entered scores page and adjust the date to reflect the actual date the student actually took the measure (which is two days earlier than the current default date). Now enter the student’s scores and save. The adjusted date will appear in the Reports section.

To see this, go to the Reports tab then click on the Individual’s tab. Now click on the student’s name and you will see a scroll down view of graphed student results. If you locate the adjusted date/test scores you just entered, it should reflect the corrected date in the graphed score.

Now if you have already entered the student responses and forgot to adjust the date prior to saving the responses, you will have to delete the existing measure/scores and re-enter the material with the correct date. Before you delete anything, make sure you have a copy of the student responses you want to enter (if not make sure to copy the student responses before deleting).

To delete a progress monitoring measure, first login to your account and click on the “Measures” tab. Make sure to click on the grade of the student whose test is being deleted, then scroll down to the test measure.

After locating the test name, look to the right where there is a column labeled, “Enter Scores.” Click on this then choose the group name. Click “Go,” then find the student’s name.  To the right of the student name you will see a “Save” button and underneath that, the word “Delete.”  Click on the word delete and a drop down window will appear at the top of the page asking you if you are certain you want to permanently delete this measure for this student.”  Click “OK” and the test is deleted. Make sure to click on the “Save” button when through. Once you remove a score, you will not be able to get it back and the old score will be removed from the system.

Now re-enter the student scores by logging in to your account and going to the “Measures” tab then click on the grade of the test you want to enter (the numbered box located just to the right of the header “Grade”).

Now scroll down the page until you locate the name of the assessment you wish to administer. On the right-hand side you will see a “Enter Scores” link. Click on this. A pop-up window will appear. Select the group name. Make sure to adjust the date the student’s took the measure to reflect the date the test was originally taken (otherwise the system will default to the current date), then fill in the student responses or scores. Make sure to select the Save button when you are finished entering the scores.

Last Updated: March 3rd, 2017
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