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Smarter Balance and Fiction vs. Non-Fiction Reading Assessments

With the addition of the Deluxe version of easyCBM, we added a whole array of nonfiction reading to our system. Deluxe and district users have access to these in the form of the CCSS reading as well as the vocabulary measures.

In order to assess students’ inferential and evaluative comprehension with multiple alternate forms of comparable difficulty, we have found that the fictional narrative genre works extremely well.

In addition, although it might not seem intuitively possible, those fictional narrative stories actually predict the smarter balanced assessments (SBAS) quite well.

The key is that the types of questions we are asking assess students’ literal, inferential, and evaluative comprehension skills. Fortunately, these skills transcend genre.

For more detailed information: Relationship between easyCBM & Smarter Balance

Last Updated: October 13th, 2017
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