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Enabling and Disabling Measures

Teacher Deluxe users can activate and deactivate some measures that students use. To access this feature, first login to your account and click on the Admin tab, then go to the Account Management section and click on the System settings link. Now scroll down the page to the section called “Enable Measures and Features.” Click on the box to the left of the measures you want to displayed for assignment in the Measures tab. Uncheck the box if you do not want a set of measures displayed for testing.

The only measures you can turn off or disable are: CCSS Reading, CCSS Math, NCTM Math, and Spanish Math and Spanish Literacy. However, there are some measures, by default, that stay in the system. These measures are: Letter Names, Letter Sounds, Phoneme Segmenting, and Word Reading Fluency (for younger students) through to Passage Reading Fluency, Multiple Choice Reading Comprehension, and Vocabulary along with some general math measures. For the default measures, if you do not assign a particular test to a student, it will not show up in their list of tests to take.

To see if a progress monitoring measure has been assigned, go to the “Measures” tab and click on a grade and scroll down the page to see if the “Take Online” checkbox (they are highlighted in blue box with a check mark in it) is marked. If you do not want a measure assigned, it is here you can check to see that none have been selected for testing.

Any measure with a name followed by a season (Fall, Winter, or Spring) are benchmark measures and any with a name followed by a number such as 3_1, are progress monitoring measures. The benchmark tests are automatically assigned by the program only when the testing window is open. If tests with the number are showing up, then it would have had to be manually assigned. In these cases, go the Measures tab and look for boxes to be unchecked (unassign) next to the Take Online option.

Last Updated: December 4th, 2019
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