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Does the easyCBM program tell the lexile range of each passage in the Common Core State Standards Reading assessments?

Neither the easyCBM Lite or Deluxe versions can generate a Lexile score. Our District partners at Riverside Insights, however, have paid for a converting feature that will provide their district account users with the opportunity to do that. To make inquiries, please contact them at (800) 353-9540.

We do not offer this feature on either the free Lite Edition or the Teacher Deluxe edition because what Metametrics charges for an assessment system to provide a lexile score would actually far exceed what we charge people to use the whole easyCBM Teacher Deluxe system with up to 200 students. In addition, although it is nice to be able to have an estimate of your students’ current level of reading ability, such as a lexile score, we have found that what really matters is identifying which students are struggling, pin-pointing the areas where they need additional support/instruction, and then providing interventions designed to target those specific needs.

So, basically, the answer is you CAN get this information from the easyCBM assessments, but only from the District version.

Last Updated: November 5th, 2019
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