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Does easyCBM have instructional/intervention materials to supplement the assessments and reporting features.

We do not.

easyCBM is a classroom-based assessment system, designed for seasonal benchmarking and progress-monitoring, typically within RTI or MTSS systems of school/classroom improvement. As such, we do not provide specific instructional or intervention programming. However, the Deluxe and District versions of system does offer teachers a series of drop-down and fill-in-the-blank menus to enter either their own instructional intervention or published/off-the-shelf intervention products, along with the specific details around durationfrequencyintensity, etc. The point at which an intervention is implemented is then marked on the individual student graphs, with the rest of the instructional/intervention information saved and accessible, so that teachers can keep track of what is working (positive slope, and thus, observed growth)/not working (flat or declining slope, and thus, a lack of appropriate growth) for a given student based on their instructional decisions/changes.
Last Updated: October 9th, 2018
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