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Do you have any documentation aligning the easyCBM assessments to my State Standards?

In general, the easyCBM program is aligned to established national and common core state standards. Because individual states vary so in their requirements, we use these established guidelines and leave it to individuals states to compare how these standards compare to their own.

The easyCBM English Language Arts measures are based on the National Reading Panel’s Big Five areas of reading. The easyCBM Lite only has NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) math tests whereas the easyCBM Teacher Deluxe has both NCTM math and CCSS (Common Core State Standards) tests in both math and reading.

The common core standards are widely adopted across United States, and for those states that do not use common core, the national Council of teachers of mathematics standards are frequently adopted. Both of these types of math tests are standards-based rather than computational/application based. They were all created to address the content standards as published by these two national bodies.

Researchers at the University of Oregon conducted formal alignment studies to evaluate the alignment of the easyCBM measures to these national standards. Results of the alignment studies are published on our BRT Projects website in the Publications section under

Last Updated: November 5th, 2018
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