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CT Student Data Privacy Addendum: Request for Compliance

We have consulted both our tech and legal teams and I am afraid we do not meet your state’s requirements.

The Deluxe and Lite Editions of easyCBM are made available by the University of Oregon. In recent years, several state legislatures have passed new Student Data Privacy statutes. These statutes require school districts to have signed releases from software vendors who, in the course of providing fee or paid services to public boards of software complies with specific regulations related to the storage of passwords, audit controls, deletion of student data upon request, etc.

The University of Oregon takes the protection of student data very seriously. The easyCBM system currently meets nearly all of the requirements outlined in the various statutes. Data is transmitted and stored securely, no student data are ever sold or shared with others, districts and teachers retain ownership and control over all their data and have the ability to delete student records if a parent should request that they do so, and it is standard operating procedures here to refer any inquiry about student data to the school/District where the student is enrolled.

However, there are a few that the system does not currently meet. Because of this we are unable to sign the current documentation being provided by districts in the state of CT (other states’ documentation we are able to sign, with slight modifications, as required by the University).

We apologize for the frustration that this situation undoubtedly causes for our users. We continue to make updates to our system but unfortunately, we cannot currently comply with CT requirements.


Last Updated: October 7th, 2019
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