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Can I merge, combine, or transfer data between two accounts?

When you have a Lite account, you must upgrade through that account in order to obtain the Deluxe version. This is so students and their data remain in your original account. If you have a Lite/Deluxe account and you want to merge/transfer data to another Lite/Deluxe account, it is not possible.

If your school creates a district account your Lite/Deluxe account is also not transferable. This is because the Lite/Deluxe and District versions are two systems built on different infrastructures, stored on different servers, and run by two different organizations (U of O and Riverside Insights).

The only way to get data from one account to another would be to hand enter student scores into the new account.

There is, however, two options to save data for students and that is by printing and exporting to a csv file.


1. Print all of the individual reports (this does not include the parent report-these will have to be printed individually).
2. Export data into a csv file.

Printing a complete file of individual student reports can be accomplished by logging into your account, clicking on the Reports tab, then the Individuals tab. Next, scroll down the page past the list of student names to the  “View All Individual Reports” link. When you click on this link the reports will be available to print as one continuous report. It won’t be as nice a results as printing the reports individually, but it will give you a single document to print.

You can print either a hard copy or choose to print the document, and then choose the option in the printing option to save as a pdf.

One thing to consider is if you were to print off the student data you would want to make the “All Data” setting selection.There is a setting you can select to limit or expand the amount of student data you can view.

If you login to your account and click on the Reports tab, then the Individual’s tab, you will be directed to a page with a list of your students and the assessments they have taken.

If you click on a student name, there in the upper right hand corner of the page will be a selection option that includes This Year, Last Year, and All Data. If you select the This Year option, you will only be able to view the assessments the students has taken for the current academic year.

Export Data

To export data, login to your account and go to the “Reports” section. Next choose the “Groups” tab. To the right of each group name is a link to do a “Data Export” by exporting a .csv file. Choose the group whose data you want to export and an Excel file in the .csv format will be downloaded to your desktop. A .csv format means a document has no formatting associated with it.

If you want the additional ability to do an analysis of your data, you will need to save this document in an .xls format. In an .xls format, you can calculate things like average scores for your class, and compare those to the score associated with the 50th percentile (‘on-grade performance’). If you are unsure how to calculate these or which formulas to use in Excel, please do a Google search for instructions.


Last Updated: August 23rd, 2016
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