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Can multiple teachers share one account and/or create separate or multiple logins?

The easyCBM Lite and Deluxe accounts are considered individual teachers accounts that have a limit of 200 students. We created the Deluxe single teacher account to provide many of the features of a district account where this application would not work for a smaller single school. The multiple login feature is part of the District version, which includes a district-wide application among other features, and is not part of the Lite and Deluxe versions.

That said, we realize with smaller schools, a district account might not work. We know of some smaller schools who share an account but there will be only one login which must be shared by all teachers. Likewise, all students login with the same username. The way to have individual teachers assign students tests is determined under the Students tab where teachers create their various groups and assign students to their groups and tests. Usually it is best to have one teacher take the lead in managing this type of account.

If you are just starting the account process, it is good to get a longer range idea of how you want to structure how your students are to be grouped and organized since there is only a 200 student limit and students cannot be transferred between accounts. So if you are a resource teacher who services both an elementary and middle school, you might want to create two different accounts if the 200 student limit may come into play in the future. You will not be able to restructure the account after students are actively testing and collecting data.

Another item to consider is who is managing the account. Teachers transfer, retire, and move on. It may be easier to maintain a continuity of use if you choose an account where it can be tied to the school rather than an individual. For instance, If you get a free Yahoo or gmail account and connect it via a name to your school and also connect it to your username, one teacher can still be designated to manage the account and it will be easier for someone else to take it over or fill-in.

Here’s how that would look. Say you work at Riverview Elementary, School District 55, and your mascot is a hawk. If you can, create a new email such as or Then choose something for your username that connects to your school like a mascot. So your username could be Hawks55. You could do the same for your middle school if needed. Now you have separated out both elementary and middle school students and you can create up to 200 students in each account. Of course, if you have a smaller school, only one account would serve your needs.

Last Updated: November 6th, 2020
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