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Do you have a list of domains and/or web addresses that we should make sure are whitelisted for easyCBM?

We just have one:

December 5th, 2019 ... [ ]

Where do I find the Parent and Student’s Individual Reports?

If you login to your account and go to the Reports tab and then click on the Individual's tab, you 
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December 5th, 2019 ... [ , ]

Enabling and Disabling Measures

Teacher Deluxe users can activate and deactivate some measures that students use. To access this feature, first login to your 
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December 4th, 2019 ... [ , ]

Does the percentile for a benchmark assessment change based on when you give it?

For example, will a student who takes the Fall benchmark assessment in November get the same┬ápercentile ranking as another student 
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December 4th, 2019 ... [ , , , ]

How do benchmark / progress-monitoring raw scores and percentile ranks relate to each other over the year?

The norms (percentile rankings relative to raw scores) change from season to season. The benchmark raw score/percentile ranks match up 
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December 4th, 2019 ... [ , , , , ]

Math Items in the Parent Report

Currently, in our last program upgrade, the reading scores for both benchmark and progress monitoring have been designed to show 
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December 4th, 2019 ... [ ]

Individual Reports

Both the Lite and Deluxe programs have graphed results under the Reports section. All of the students scores appear on 
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December 3rd, 2019 ... [ ]

Parent Reports and Benchmark Data

Benchmark Data can be found in two places under the Reports tab. The first place to find a student's benchmark 
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December 3rd, 2019 ... [ , ]

Is it possible to integrate our student information system into your easyCBM program?

The easyCBM program only allows account users to put information into it that pertains to just the measures it provides. 
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November 25th, 2019 ... [ , ]

Writing Measures

We currently do not offer writing measures. We continue to explore ways in which to create writing measures. An integral 
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November 21st, 2019 ... [ ]