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Why is there a variation in the two sets of norms?

The two sets of norms (Individual Percentile Rank and the Norm Scores) may differ slightly as they have been based 
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About easyCBM Math Measures

Like all measures on easyCBM®, alternate forms of each math test were designed to be of equivalent difficulty, so teachers 
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About easyCBM Reading Measures

Like all measures on easyCBM®, alternate forms of each reading test were designed to be of equivalent difficulty, so teachers can 
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How do I change my username, password, or email account address?

easyCBM users have the ability to change their own account information. To make changes, login to your account and go to the 
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What is the copyright policy for easyCBM?

The University of Oregon owns the copyright to easyCBM. People with easyCBM accounts are able to download and print the 
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Where can I find the research behind easyCBM?

Our most complete source will be the Technical Reports. Each time we develop an assessment, we write up the process of 
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Selecting and Customizing Interventions

Because available interventions vary so much from one context to another, and in recognition of the need for educators to 
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NCTM vs CCSS Tests

First, easyCBM Lite only has NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) math tests whereas the easyCBM Teacher Deluxe has 
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Problem adding a student

If you are having trouble entering a student, try entering the new student and leave the ID# blank to auto 
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Can I purchase a Teacher Deluxe account with a purchase order?

The easyCBM Teacher Deluxe is not accepting Purchase Orders at this time. Payment can be made by credit card or 
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