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What is an intervention log?

The Interventions Log is actually just that... a way for you to log interventions that you are providing for your 
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September 16th, 2021 ... [ ]

DIBELS: easyCBM Still Available

The easyCBM math measures are definitely still available. Depending on your needs, there are actually two different ways you can 
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September 14th, 2021 ... [ , ]

DIBELS: easyCBM Benchmarks

The DIBELS data system / CTL group here at UO used to lease our math items for use on their 
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September 14th, 2021 ... [ ]

How do I know what benchmark tests are available for students to take?

The benchmark tests are different from the progress monitoring measures in that you do not assign benchmark assessments, the system 
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September 14th, 2021 ... [ , , , ]

Percentile Ranks and Color Coding

In the Teacher Deluxe and District accounts, you actually control the color coding for percentile ranks. To update your settings, 
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September 13th, 2021 ... [ , ]

Do you have a breakdown of mathematical categories to see how students do with each concept?

Although some test vendors that previously offered easyCBM math items provided reports that clustered scores by the math domains, we, 
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September 13th, 2021 ... [ ]

Where is the magnifying icon located under the Student tab of my account?

If you login to your account and click on the Students tab, to the right of the Student, Demo, name 
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September 10th, 2021 ... [ , ]

Troubleshooting: I cannot view your training videos. What could be the problem?

Our tutorials and training videos are embedded in youtube. If you have blocking software that restricts youtube, they won't work. 
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September 9th, 2021 ... [ , ]

Is there a way to get progress monitoring suggestions without completing all benchmarks?

The system uses a fairly simple algorithm to provide recommendations for progress monitoring based on the pattern of students' scores 
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September 8th, 2021 ... [ , ]

How do I re-assign a Student ID# that was assigned to another student last year?

When you delete a student, they are not deleted from the system, they are only made inactive in your account. 
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September 8th, 2021 ... [ , , ]