DIBELS: I'm confused about our DIBELS program transitioning to a different system. Can you help clarify this for me?

It does get a bit confusing as both the DIBELS and easyCBM programs originate from the University of Oregon. They are actually two distinct entities. Even more confusing is that DIBELS incorporated easyCBM measures into their system. DIBELS or DIBELS Data System (DDS) was originally developed by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) while easyCBM was developed by Behavioral Research and Teaching (BRT).

CTL still owns the system but Amplify has recently acquired the DIBELS Data System (DDS) from the University of Oregon. The DIBELS program has entered into an arrangement with Amplify Education, to operate DDS. This means that the partnership with easyCBM Math and easyCBM Reading will no longer be supported by the DDS program after this school year. Amplify now offers their own alternate math and reading assessments.

For answers to regarding your account or your data, please contact their support site regarding your data, please access these links: https://my.amplify.com/help/en/articles/4868474-welcome-to-dibels-data-system-at-amplify or you can contact their support site directly at: DDS Support: ddshelp@amplify.com or support@dibels.uoregon.edu or call (888) 497-4290.

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