DIBELS: I read that easyCBM would be going away and not be available after this current school year. Is that true?

The easyCBM measures, and the organization that created them (Behavioral Research and Teaching, BRT) are not going away. What has gone away is the version of DIBELS that incorporated our easy CBM measures into its system

It does get a bit confusing as both the DIBELS and easyCBM programs originate from the University of Oregon. We are actually two distinct entities. so you have no worries for using the easyCBM program in the future.

The DIBELS program has entered into an arrangement with Amplify Education, to operate DDS. This means that the partnership with easyCBM Math and easyCBM Reading will no longer be supported by the DDS program after this school year.

To keep using the easyCBM products, you can contact easyCBM through the Behavioral Research and Teaching department at the University of Oregon at: https://www.easycbm.com/. If you want to know more about your account with DIBELS, please contact Amplify Education via DDS Support: ddshelp@amplify.com, who now manages the former DIBELS accounts.

You are welcome to look at our program and even create a free easyCBM Lite account and explore some of our measures by going to https://easycbm.com/. We have a free teacher Lite as well as a single teacher Deluxe and District version of our program as well. All version have information and provide videos to help you navigate and learn the easyCBM system. To access these videos, first login to your account and then click on the resources tab in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard screen.

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