Sharing an easyCBM account?

While we developed our single teacher accounts to be used by just one teacher, we understand some resource teachers may need to share student information within one account. The only restriction we have is the 200 student limit per account. All teachers will need to share the same login information.

If you have a small population (under 200 total) of students spread out through different schools (such as an elementary, middle school, and high school) it may be easiest to maintain one account per school.

Logistically though, you will need to plan this out before all of the teachers use the account, With several teachers accessing one account, it can get chaotic and students can get deleted and settings get changed, and this could affect the group at large. Also, starting out you need to know there is no way to merge multiple accounts together. One account needs to be set up from the beginning, with all teachers accessing it, in order for all of the students and their data to stay in a collective group.

Here are some suggestions:

1). First, decide who will manage the account. The designated person could use their email address or create and use a free Yahoo or Google account email address. If that won't work for security reasons, the designated account manager needs to know if they leave the school or district they will have to transfer that account over to someone else BEFORE they leave. We can always help with that process and it is best to do that before someone leaves rather than after.

2). The designated owner of the account needs to be in charge of managing the account. All teachers using the account share the same login information. Teachers could enter and group their own students but for changes like altering settings and deleting of students, it should be left up to the designated account holder/manager.

3). Under the Students tab, in the Groups column, is where teachers need to create their class and student groups for testing. If each teacher created their own group by giving it their own name (like Mrs. Jones) and then activated their students within their groups for testing, this would help students keep track of how to select their teacher and their assigned tests.

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