Is there a way for our school to enter our data into your system?

The easyCBM system doesn't have a way to enter data from outside the system. All of the easyCBM reports are tied to the easyCBM databases, which in turn are tied to the easyCBM assessments.

You do, however, have the ability to download a .csv file of any of the easyCBM reports, and you could enter the additional data from your district's rubric into that file and use Excel's graphing features to graph results. While not an ideal solution, it might, perhaps, be of some assistance to you.

To export data, login to your account and go to the “Reports” section. Next choose the “Groups” tab. To the right of each group name is a link to do a "Data Export" by exporting a .csv file. Choose the group whose data you want to export and an Excel file in the .csv format will be downloaded to your desktop. A .csv format means a document has no formatting associated with it.

Downloading this Excel file is the only way you could add your data to our system's existing data. If you want the additional ability to do an analysis of your data, you will need to save this document in an .xls format. In an .xls format, you can calculate things like average scores for your class, and compare those to the score associated with the 50th percentile ('on-grade performance'). If you are unsure how to calculate these or which formulas to use in Excel, please do a Google search for instructions.

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