Is there anyway to reset the time a test is taken to reflect our time zone and not Pacific Standard Time?

Unfortunately, we cannot change the timestamp as it is set for our web server, which is Pacific Standard Time.  Currently there is no option to be able to change a time when a test is taken, only the date.

The timestamp is based on our location (we are located in Oregon, which is in the Pacific time-zone) and is kept consistent for all users, regardless of their location to ensure that everyone's records are able to be as accurate as possible. A timestamp with the words Pacific Time is easily converted to Eastern time by adding three hours to whatever time is on the stamp. 11 am Pacific is always going to be 2 pm, Eastern and 1 pm Central. Thus, retaining the Pacific Time timestamp should still give you the consistency and accuracy you're seeking for your record-keeping.

It would be an issue if the time were there without the indication of what timezone it was in, which is why we include the words Pacific Time.

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