It appears that I can only have three goals per child. Another issue is that there are zero categories for behaviors. Is this correct?

The way the system is designed it supports up to three goals per student in a given period of time, with the idea that each of the goals is "anchored" to a specific measure, so that the goal line will appear on the individual graphs where that measure is used. This approach is in keeping with how academic goals are typically written during SST / IEP meetings, where the student study team will collaborate to come up with specific learning goals they hope the student will meet over the course of a set period of time ("Student W will read grade level passages at the rate of 120 correct words per minute or higher by March 15, 2022").

The easyCBM system is designed to track progress in the academic areas of literacy and mathematics. Although we recognize that behavior goals are important, we don't have any "behavior measures" to use as anchors for behavior goals (although this does present an intriguing possible area for a future enhancement for the system, at some point down the road).
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