DIBELS: easyCBM Benchmarks

The DIBELS data system / CTL group here at UO used to lease our math items for use on their system, and there are several differences in the reports, etc. available on the original easyCBM system (which you've found through us) and the one that used to be offered through CTL.

Access to the Benchmark measures comes with either a Teacher Deluxe or District account. We provide free access (via Lite Edition) to a limited number of progress monitoring measures to make sure that teachers who do not have the resources to purchase an annual subscription still have access to some high-quality measures.

Because the easyCBM Benchmark Assessments are designed to be used as universal screeners, to identify the students most at risk and help guide decision-making in terms of instructional groupings and the selection of appropriate progress monitoring measures to follow-up with them throughout the year, they are limited to on-grade measures.

Within either the Teacher Deluxe or District versions of easyCBM, you will find Fall, Winter, and Spring Universal Screener/Benchmark assessments in both reading and mathematics, K-8.  You'll also find more test types for progress monitoring on those systems than you can see with your Lite Edition account.

For use in your Resource Room, K-8, you would probably be best served with a Teacher Deluxe subscription. (the District version is great for district-wide applications, but if you have fewer than 200 students and are mainly focused on a single teacher / resource room use, the Teacher Deluxe system should be sufficient for your needs.

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