DIBELS: We used to administer EasyCBM on the iPad app, “Hi Fi Reading”. It looks like it is no longer use. What should we use instead?

The iPad app, “HiFi Reading” is published by the University of Oregon Digital Press and was created by CTL (the creators of DIBELS) or one of their contractors. Even though easyCBM and DIBELS are not the same, there was an agreement in place for DIBELS (DDS) to use easyCBM measures within their product, including HiFi reading. It looks like as part of the Amplify agreement with DIBELS, the HiFi iPad app has been discontinued:


The good news is that the easyCBM system has been tested with iPads and will still work, though access is through a browser instead of a dedicated app. The teacher just needs to open the Safari browser and login to their easyCBM teacher account (on their iPad.)


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