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About Test Forms for Basic and Proficient Math

The easyCBM Deluxe (and District) versions have both Basic and Proficient Math assessments. Each of these types of assessments comes with three Benchmark / Universal Screening assessments (fall, winter, and spring) and a variety of progress monitoring forms.

For the Basic Math measures, there are 10 alternate forms of progress monitoring assessments for each of three main math standards per grade (based on the NCTM Focal Point Standards). These progress monitoring measures are short (16 item) tests most appropriate for students who are performing far below grade-level expectations in math.

For the Proficient Math measures, there are 10 alternate forms, per grade, to be used for progress monitoring. These progress monitoring forms are longer than the Basic Math forms (more like 30-40 items per test form, with upper grades having more items and lower grades having fewer items) and the items are drawn from across the full range of content standards assigned to a given grade level.

The test forms are optimized for computer-delivery but can also be given paper/pencil by printing the PDFs of each measure and then hand-entering students’ responses into the computer for scoring.

Last Updated: September 23rd, 2021
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